Stone Ridge MX


In 2011 when we had our first race season, we had high hopes and expectations.  We had a dream to create a place for families to come together at given times to laugh and encourage each other in a friendly and affordable environment.  While we never had the grandeur of become rich, we did have the hope and dream to be able to do this in a self-sustaining manner.  Our primary drive was due to the love of a sport that brings families together and creates memoires that will last for a lifetime.  During these past four years, we have experienced many highs and lows.  We have gained new friends that will last a lifetime and had many laughs along the way.  Unfortunately we have also experienced many challenges that would be difficult regardless of any other involvements.

It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing that following the race on Sunday, September 28th, we will be closing Stone Ridge MX for the final time and placing the property up for sale.  While the Monday morning quarterbacks will each have their own opinions as to what we did wrong and how they would have done things differently, know that we always tried our best and worked hard to create an environment that was fun and safe for everyone.  Know that we always attempted to improve things and worked hard to try and keep everyone happy but often when we would make a change or do something to please one group or person, we ended up unintentionally upsetting others.  We are not perfect people nor do we have large budgets to do everything we wanted but we always did the best that we could with the limited resources and less than ideal conditions we were presented with.

We would like to thank all of you who ever made us part of your riding experience and apologies for letting down those who spent so much time with us.  We know that you will all continue to take advantage of other great riding experiences and wish the best for each and every one of you.  There have been so many great people over the last four years helping out and riding with us, that we could not possible thank everyone individually however we hope that this reaches all of you.

Our final event and time to get together at Stone Ridge MX is Sunday, September 28th with gates opening at 7:30, sign up 7:30 9:30, practice at 9 and final race starting at 10:30.  We hope to see you one last time before we call it a wrap.

Thank you all and our sincere apologies for not being able to grow or keep this going.

Welcome to Stone Ridge MX


Photography Courtesy of Kimberly Grezeszak Photography

Stone Ridge MX brings a safe family friendly riding experience to Northern Michigan.  Located off I-75 Exit 215 in Ogemaw Township just west of West Branch, Michigan, Stone Ridge MX is a privateer track open to the public with reasonable rates, open riding and competitive racing events.

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Class list and machine requirements have been updated. 
Be sure to check out the Rules - Classes link above.

Next Events

Final Race, Sunday, September 28th, Gates open at 7:30am, Sign-up 7:30-9:30, Practice at 9:00, racing by 10:30
   - Gate Fee $10 per day (non riders 7 & under free), Class Fee $20/1st class, $15/each additional class


EMS will be on hand for all races this year to handle any emergencies that may come up.  Additionally, the hospital is only minutes away just in case additional attention is needed.  The track is built to be as safe as possible but injuries do happen and we still have someone on hand to take care of any that may occur.

Contact Information

    (989) 233-8200
     I-75 Exit 215, West on Old 76/55, West Branch, MI 48661
     GPS Coordinates: 44.276279, -84.293102

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